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SHOPLOOOH - Brand Spirit

by jasmine soo on September 20, 2021

"Be the cloud that give you comfort.
Be the sunshine that brighten your day."



 It doesn't matter that who are reading these words regardless of our loyal and new fans. We wish that we could be the cloud in your darkness or sunshine in the cyberspace which bringing you the brightness and sunshine.


The magic relationships happened among girls since the first shopping gossips started.
Our friendship might have being blossomed since few years ago to this wonderful moment

During this pandemic, everyone of us just can't do or change anything.
So why not we just moving on?
As long as you have been done your best to your abilities then just keep moving forward persistently.
With persistency, we believe that all of us will eventually find the light down the tunnel.


Don't rush into things, and times will prove everything.
Generally, we are in this circle. So you yourself are not alone.
Let us go through the toughness together and make it happen.

Life is with up and downs.
Everything happened for just a cause and in order for a better tomorrow.
Let's work on it and treat it just one of the challenge in your life :)
Be the cloud that give you comfort;
Be the sunshine that brighten your day.

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